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I speak with a lot of veterans, and they say, “they gave me this” or “they got me that.” When I speak to Veterans Place vets, they say, “they helped me achieve this,” and “this is where I’m going.” They have a sense of hopefulness about their future.


The Mission of Veterans Place is to empower veterans’ transition from homeless to home, ending the cycle of homelessness, and to assist all at-risk veterans to become engaged, valuable citizens who contribute to their communities.

Food for Veterans


Veterans & Families Fed in 2022

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Veterans Served in 2022

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Veterans Food Bank

Combatting Food Insecurity Among Veterans

While we often think of veterans as heroes who have served our country. Unfortunately, many of them struggle with food insecurity. As inflation causes food costs to rise, many veterans, both homeless and those at-risk of homelessness, face food insecurity....

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Veterans Careers

Obstacles Veterans Face with Employment

Veterans face a variety of obstacles when attempting to transition from military life to the civilian world, especially regarding employment. Lack of Experience in Civilian Job Markets Soldiers returning home may have difficulty finding jobs due to a lack of...

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Veterans Credit Score

Tips For Veterans: Building Your Credit

Building good credit is an important part of financial health and stability. As a veteran, you have unique access to resources that can help you build your credit score. Here are some tips for veterans on how to build their...

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