veteran success stories


“You know, I mean, there’s only so much they (Veterans Place) can do, but the more people involved, the more they can do.”

- Ivan

Air Force

Jeanette is a United States Air Force Veteran who served during the Vietnam War. Jeanette enjoyed her time in the military, and believes she would have made a career out of it, but wanted to be home with her child. She explained, “I suffered from depression but I never dealt with it. Or I dealt with it, but I dealt with it with alcohol. ‘Cause I was taught, “you don’t have depression, you just, get over it.” After checking being released from detox, Jeanette came to Veterans Place. She describes Veterans Place as, “another stepping stone of the structure you need, you know. And they help you a whole lot. Whatever you need, that they can accommodate, they can help you with. Which now, I got an apartment now, that I just got the keys”.

- Jeanette


Ricardo is a United States Navy Veteran. When asked about his struggle when coming out of the military, Ricardo mentions, “Sometimes you have to be retrained to live in civilian life. This place, it helps individuals to do that… whether that be through housing or employment”. Ricardo has been receiving services such as employment assistance, meal assistance and case management from Veterans Place for the past seven years. Ricardo describes what he likes about Veterans Place by explaining, “Everyone who comes through the doors are welcome with a friendly greeting and if we see a new face, it’s like ‘Hey man, how you doing? I’m such and such’ You know, so it’s very warm and welcoming”.

- Ricardo


“Since the late 1990’s, I’ve taken a lot of jobs. When you’re looking for work, looking for work, looking for work, and you’re getting older, you get to a certain age, you are discriminated. Not because you’re female or a minority, because you’re too old. It happens around 50-55. They’re not supposed to do that, but they do. So that’s very difficult for me. I found myself just barely hanging on, 10 dollar an hour jobs, and finally, I didn’t have a job. And I became homeless.”


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