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Veteran Success Stories


United States Army Veteran

“I joined the Army after High School and served for 4 years from 78-82, serving in Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Hawaii. I was welcomed into the Transitional Housing Program, which offers on-site living, while receiving guidance from a Case Manager to create a plan for success. Veterans Place is a positive in my life. It is a place where you can sit back and get yourself together. It helped me become a better person, a better thinker, and I am surrounded by vets who want the same things I want. I am grateful to have a home for the holidays. It is not where you start; it is where you finish, and I am trying to finish strong.”

- Mark

Veterans Support

United States Navy Veteran

“I visit the Veterans Resource Center twice a week for the food bank, clothes, and a healthy meal. I have been coming to Veterans Place for a while and have seen all the positive changes. The driver will go out of his way to pick me up and get me what I need. During the holidays, Veterans Place has helped me get presents for my kids. I am appreciative for everything Veterans Place has done for me.”

- Jason

Nico Veteran of the month

United States Air Force Veteran

Veteran Nico Magnifico was referred to the Employment Program through the Veterans Place Transitional Housing Program. Veteran Magnifico served in the Air Force from 2012-2014 as an Operations Support SQ (AMC). The Veterans Place Employment team quickly helped find a competitive rate position with one of our community partners to best fit his ideal career. With Veteran Magnifico’s great personality and extensive knowledge of the business, he went on the interview, showed why he is a good fit for the position and was hired on the same day.

- Nico

Veteran Assistance

United States Marine Veteran

“I did not want to continue living the way I had been for years; Veterans Place offered me the help that I so desperately needed.  Not only did I learn to live a healthy and productive life at Veterans Place, but they also offered to listen to what I was going through without any judgment and were always there to help any way they could.”

- Keith

United States Air Force Veteran

“Veterans Place is another stepping stone of the structure that you need, and they help you a whole lot.  Whatever you need, they can accommodate and help you.  Now, I got an apartment and I just got the keys!”

- Jeanette

United States Navy Veteran

“Everyone who comes through the doors is welcomed with a friendly greeting and if we see a new face, it’s like ‘Hey man, how are you doing?  I am such and such.”

- Ricardo

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