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Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center is one of only fifteen of its kind in the country and the only drop-in service center for veterans in the Western Pennsylvania region. The Veterans Resource Center services veterans facing homelessness or at risk of homelessness providing them with essential resources such as transportation, food, clothing, laundry facilities, shower facilities, financial assistance, and individualized case management. Veterans are immediately linked with resources for housing. Veterans do not have to be VA eligible to receive services. Anyone who has served one day in uniform is eligible for our services, regardless of discharge.


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Low-Income Veterans and Families

The Low-Income Veterans and Families Program offers veterans and their families the ability to receive services to ensure their basic needs are being met to avoid homelessness, hunger, and financial crisis. Veterans Place strives to increase their household income and stability through individualized case management. Financial assistance is available to support veterans and their families in need.



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Female Veteran Program

Veterans Place offers this program specific to Female Veterans. Through the Female Veteran Program, veterans are assisted with navigating their unique and challenging barriers. Veterans Place offers financial assistance to female veterans in need facing homelessness due to domestic violence, mental/physical health barriers, or financial strain. Through the Female Veteran Program, Veterans Place also offers a Female Veteran Group providing a supportive community of female veterans to discuss their challenges and needs.


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Opioid Response Program

Veterans Place Opioid Response Program offers specific support to veterans who self-identify as having a history with opiates. Through this program, veterans will receive one on one case management to achieve their goals. Veterans have access to recovery resources and financial support for needs such as emergency rental assistance, utility assistance, etc.


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GPD Case Management

Veterans Place offers a Grant Per Diem Case Management Program for veterans who are recently transitioned into permanent housing who are lacking case management from other providers such as HUDVASH or SSVF. The GPD Case Manager is community based, providing individualized case management, and will support veterans with tenant/landlord relations, independent living skills, budgeting support, etc.


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Walmart Food Bank

Veterans Place has partnered with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Walmart to bring the community a full food bank on campus. Our food bank offers everything ranging from canned goods to fresh produce, to frozen meats.

Our food bank is open 24/7 to any veteran or community member in need.


Veterans Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Veterans Place has an onsite computer lab available to any veteran during Veterans Resource Center hours. This resource provides veterans with reliable technology to access virtual groups and appointments as well as provides them with the opportunities to search for housing and employment. This also gives the veterans a platform for communication with friends and family.


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Bus Schedule

We provide transportation M-F to and from the locations below. Our pick up times will be between 6am-8:30am. The return trip leaves Veterans Place at 3pm. Pick-ups are at the following locations, in this order.



  • VA University Drive
  • Shepherd’s Heart
  • Wood Street Commons
  • Downtown Huntington Bank
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Light of Life
  • VA Aspinwall
  • East End Cooperative Ministry Severe Weather Emergency Shelter (November 15th-March 15th)

following the stop at Downtown Huntington Bank For a different pick-up location call 412-320-5566

Come visit the Veterans Resource Center Monday-Friday 8am-3pm at our campus located at 945 Washington Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

Please contact the Veterans Resource Center at 412-320-5566 for more information.

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This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that impacted veterans, service members, their families, and their caregivers thrive long after they return home.

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