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What You Need to Know About the Veterans Choice Program

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The Veteran Choice Program (VCP) is a benefit that enables eligible Veterans to receive health care from a provider in the community instead of waiting for a VA appointment or having to travel to a VA facility.

Determining Eligibility for the Veterans Choice Program

To be eligible for the VCP program, you have to be enrolled in VA Healthcare. You must also meet at least one of the criteria include:

  • Your local VA medical facility told you there would be more than a 30 day wait for an appointment.
  • You have to travel by ferry, boat, or air to get to the VA facility closest to your home.
  • Your home is more than a 40-mile driving distance from your local VA facility with a full-time primary care physician.
  • It is an excessive burden to travel to your closest VA facility due to environmental factors, geographic location, medical condition, or other reasons specified by your physician. Your local VA facility staff can work with you to determine your eligibility for any of these reasons.

If you think you may be eligible for this program, you can call the VCP Call Center at 866-606-8798. You may also visit the Veterans Choice Program website to check your eligibility and to schedule an appointment. Rather than call your non-VA doctor to make an appointment, be sure to call the VCP call center.

Does Using the Veterans Choice Program Affect My VA Health Care?

Using the VCP does not affect your VA health care. The Veterans Choice Program exists to make it easier for you to access the care you need. The VA is building an integrated health care network to give you more choices to access care and to ensure care is delivered when and where you need it.

Am I Responsible for Copayments to my Other Insurance?

You are not responsible for copayments to your other insurance because the VA is the primary benefit coordinator for the VCP. This means you are only responsible for your VA copayment, which will be determined by the VA after you receive care.

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