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Obstacles Veterans Face with Employment

Veterans face a variety of obstacles when attempting to transition from military life to the civilian world, especially in regard to employment.

Lack of Experience in Civilian Job Markets

Veterans returning home may have difficulty finding jobs due to a lack of experience and knowledge about civilian job markets. Furthermore, veterans may lack the necessary skillset for certain positions or struggle with mental health issues that can impede their ability to perform well in an interview or work setting. The cultural gap between military and civilian life is also a challenge for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Lack of Interest in Military Experience Among Employers

Another common issue is that employers are often unaware of veterans’ unique skill sets and the value they can bring to an organization. The military provides specialized training and experiences that civilians do not have access to – such as leadership development, teamwork building, and technological savvy – yet many employers fail to recognize the potential benefit of this experience.
With an increasing number of Americans serving in the military and retiring from service, it is essential for employers to understand how best to hire veterans.

Lack of Support Networks for Veterans

Another obstacle faced by veterans is a lack of support networks or resources available during the transition process from military to civilian roles. Military members leaving the service often need guidance on understanding how their skillset translates into the civilian world, as well as help with job searching and resume writing.

Lack of Mental Health or Emotional Support

Additionally, some veterans may require emotional support due to PTSD or other mental health issues that can make transitioning back home difficult. Unfortunately, many do not have access to this level of support and may struggle more than they should when trying to reintegrate into society post-service.

Our Solution

Veterans deserve our respect and support for their service to our country. It is important that we acknowledge the unique challenges they face when attempting to find employment and work towards creating resources and networks that make it easier for them to transition into civilian roles.
By understanding the obstacles faced by veterans, employers can better appreciate their potential contributions and be more open-minded when considering them as employees. With the right resources, veterans can have successful careers in the civilian world and continue to serve our nation through their expertise.
At Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard, we offer veterans employment services to help them attain sound employment. 100% of our veterans enrolled in the program were able to attain sound employment in 2021. Contact us today to learn more about our employment services for veterans.
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