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Tips For Veterans: Building Your Credit

Veterans Credit Score

Building good credit is an important part of financial health and stability. As a veteran, you have unique access to resources that can help you build your credit score. Here are some tips for veterans on how to build their credit:

Understand Your Credit Score

Knowing what affects your credit score will help you make informed decisions as you look to improve it by taking certain steps, such as reducing debt or opening new accounts. Make sure to review your credit report regularly so that you can stay informed about potential red flags or mistakes.

Look For Veteran-Specific Benefits

There are many programs available specifically for veterans that provide special rates and benefits when building their credit. These include the Veterans Choice Program, VA home loans, and discounts on military credit cards. Also, take advantage of any tax credits or available benefits for veterans.

Make Smart Financial Decisions

Making smart financial decisions is essential for any veteran looking to build their credit score. Paying your bills on time is key, as late payments can have a major negative effect on your credit score. Additionally, keeping balances low on revolving accounts such as credit cards will help you improve your credit score over time.

Keep a Low Credit Card Balance

Using credit cards can be a great way to build your credit, as long as you use them responsibly. Make sure only to spend what you can afford and pay off the balances in full each month. Keeping a low balance on your credit card will help ensure that your credit score remains high.

Monitor Your Credit Report

It’s important to keep an eye on your credit report so that you can make sure there are no errors or inaccuracies being reported. You’re entitled to one free copy of your full credit report each year from all three bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Make sure to review your credit report regularly and dispute any mistakes that you find.

Settle/Pay Your Outstanding Debts

Doing your best to pay off any outstanding debts you have is an excellent way to improve your credit score. Paying down debt can also help reduce stress and make it easier for you to manage your finances.

Fix Credit Errors on Your Report

If you find any incorrect or inaccurate information on your credit report, make sure to dispute it. This can help improve your credit score by taking care of any errors that have been reported against you.

Keep Old Accounts Open

Keeping old, unused accounts open can help to improve your credit score. This is because it makes up a larger part of your overall credit history and helps prove that you’re responsible for debt and payments.

Veteran Resources at Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard

These tips can help you get started on the path to better credit. Remember, building good credit takes time, but with patience and effort, you can start to reap the rewards of a higher score. At our Veteran Resource Center, we offer a variety of services, from food and transportation to clothing, career assistance, and financial assistance. Contact us today to learn more!

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