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Transitioning Tips for Veterans

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Transitioning back into civilian life can be an exciting time in your life, but it also requires preparation to ensure a smooth and successful transition. At Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard, we’ve put together some tips on preparing for your transition to civilian life to help you get started.

Utilize your individual transition plan.

Before you transition into civilian life, you will develop an individual transition plan (ITP) during your pre-separation counseling. When used correctly, you can use your ITP to guide you through decisions such as career moves, continuing your education, or meeting your financial goals. When developing your ITP, take the time and care to reflect on your goals for the areas of your life that will be most affected by your transition, such as your career.

Don’t skip on networking.

Many transition assistance programs will put a strong emphasis on the importance of networking not only for your job search but also for your overall career development. Networking is a relatively simple concept where you will discuss your goals and objectives for your job search and careers with others. You will want to network with people who can provide you with valuable advice and job leads, and contacts that can help you further your career.

While networking, you will also want to inform your connections of your skills and your goals for employment. Networking can help you create lasting, beneficial connections with the people who can help you reach your goals and expand your skills.

Keep up your motivation.

Your can-do attitude is part of what helped you become successful in the military. Take the same approach to civilian life that you did with your service in the military. Utilize your great strength, courage, and curiosity that helped you carry out your military service and translate that approach to civilian life to keep the motivation to move forward.

Appreciate how far you have come.

Be sure to take the time to recognize how far you have come and all the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you developed while in the military. Be confident in your military service and the great things you have accomplished.
This confidence will make it easier for you to present yourself to potential employers and show them the many exceptional skills you have acquired. Not only have you developed technical skills and training, but you have also developed remarkable discipline and leadership, which employers greatly value.

Seeking Employment Support? Veterans Place Can Help!

Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard offers employment support to veterans, including resume-building and training to helping them obtain competitive employment. We also provide a computer lab at our Veterans Resource Center that veterans can use to search for jobs and access virtual interviews and appointments. Contact us today to learn more!

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