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Veterans Place Receives Angel Tear Ministries Grant

Veteran Coming home

Veterans Places of Washington Boulevard is excited to announce that we have received a grant from Concordia Lutheran Ministries Foundation that will enable us to provide services to low-income Veteran families and female veterans.

The Angel Tear Ministries Fund Grant is provided by the Concordia Lutheran Ministry Foundation, which has served as a place with a mission of caring and as a place of healing for more than 130 years. Concordia is a CARF accredited Aging Service Network, providing senior care as one of the largest care providers in the country.

How the Angel Tear Ministries Grant Will Help Our Veterans

At Veterans Place, we provide our veterans with a range of resources, programs, and projects that work to help them transition out of homelessness and will help them establish a more self-sufficient life. The funding we have received from the Angle Tear Ministries Grant will enable us to further benefit our Veterans by giving us the means to provide services to low-income Veteran families as well as female Veterans who are in need. This will help our organization expand our reach in who we can help grow and thrive.

We are always striving to serve our Veterans better and provide them with there sources they need. This grant will take us one step closer to our mission to end homelessness among Veterans in our region.

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